At Podtime, we believe in an important principle: ‘time out, not burn out‘.

Maintaining a dedicated space for rest at the workplace can have real benefits for both employers and employees alike.

The benefits to employers:

Sleep pods are an attractive office perk that attracts, retains and empowers employees.
Increased productivity
A brief period of rest throughout the day has been shown to improve productivity and creativity.
Reduced sick days
Well-rested employees are less sick and absent from work.
Our sleep pods can be installed almost anywhere. No dedicated room is required.
Cost effective
Premium but affordable design. An economic solution with real impact on health and wellbeing.

Employers should view sleep not as a waste, but as an investment. Well-rested individuals are more productive, make fewer mistakes, and have stronger health. Making employee sleep a corporate matter therefore will have a direct effect on your year-end results. Nap facilities also make for an attractive office perk and an effective means for retaining employees. Our sleeping pods are an economic and space-friendly solution for any type of office.

The benefits to employees:

Reduction of stress levels
Frequent rest reduces stress and mental fatigue
Less risk of heart disease
People who get sufficient sleep has less risk of heart disease and other types of disease.
Better mood
Improved mood, emotional stability and better, overall grid are some of the benefits of frequent daytime rest.
Improved memory and learning
Short, frequent naps benefits memory, both short term and long term.
Boosts the immune system
Sufficient sleep strengthens the immune system. Adequate sleep = less sick days.
Better cognition and creativity
Following a nap of as little as 6 minutes, cognitive performance is heightened considerably. Creativity also increases.

Sleep is considered the third pillar of wellness along with diet and exercise. By having the opportunity for a short rest throughout the day, employees can ensure themselves sufficient sleep and the many benefits that follow, including increased alertness, improved memory, better cognitive processing, and stability in mood. Long term benefits of healthy sleep patterns also include lower stress levels and reduced risk of heart disease.

Learn more about our sleeping pods

Above are some of the reasons forward-thinking companies like Facebook, Cisco, Nestle, and the NHS have purchased Podtime sleep pods to look after their people, their talent, and their future. We will be happy to assist with your installation as well. Contact us to learn more about our product and how we may help your company. Our sleeping pods are available all over the world. See also our white paper relating to the UK health care sector.

                            Podtime and short rest; this is definitely the way forward. As technology continues to develop at warp speed, we find ourselves increasingly  limited in terms of how much information we are able to process on a moment by moment basis.

The human brain, as sophisticated as it might seem, is still developing its capacity to deal with the volume of incoming information traffic that we have to handle in our daily lives. I see the effects of this in my professional and clinical work as loss of productivity, insomnia, burnout and other serious health problems.

Enlightened individuals and organisations will increasingly have to look for clever ways of going ‘offline’ in order to optimise productivity, health and wellness. Maybe businesses will even start to see that this is where a competitive advantage may lie.