In the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace, we need to support our employees.  This is where corporate well-being comes in.  At Podtime, we believe in an important principle: ‘time out, not burn out’.

Finally, rest is acknowledged as the third pillar of ‘wellness’, alongside nutrition and exercise.

Importantly, as a company we do not endorse staying at work for longer hours than normal, but do understand the well documented benefits of taking a short rest (or even nap) for 15-20 minutes during the working day:

The benefits to employers:

  • Attract, retain, empower and entrust employees

  • Increase productivity, focus and creativity

  • Reduce sick-days and absence or reduced hours

  • Flexible solution with no dedicated room required

  • Premium but affordable design

The benefits to employees:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Reduction in stress levels

  • Improvement in mood

  • Improved memory and learning

  • A boost to the immune system

  • Better cognitive processing and creativity

  • Clearer thinking and acuity

These are some of the reasons forward-thinking companies like Facebook, Cisco, Nestle and the NHS have purchased Podtime pods to look after their people, their talent, and their future.

                            Podtime and short rest; this is definitely the way forward. As technology continues to develop at warp speed, we find ourselves increasingly  limited in terms of how much information we are able to process on a moment by moment basis. The human brain, as sophisticated as it might seem, is still developing its capacity to deal with the volume of incoming information traffic that we have to handle in our daily lives. I see the effects of this in my professional and clinical work as loss of productivity, insomnia, burnout and other serious health problems. Enlightened individuals and organisations will increasingly have to look for clever ways of going ‘offline’ in order to optimise productivity, health and wellness. Maybe businesses will even start to see that this is where a competitive advantage may lie.