The pods have smooth sliding doors that easily open and close for convenient access into and out of the pods.  We recommend a short rest (<25 minutes) as this will allow you to gain the benefits of a nap without experiencing ‘sleep inertia’ – the lingering grogginess that sometimes occurs if we wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

The Standard pod is 120cm (47.25in) wide x high and 220cm (86.5in) long. The Premium is 120cm (47.25in) wide by 132cm (52in) high by 223cm (91.75in) long. 

There are vents in the walls of the pod to allow for air flow.  The doors operate manually and slide smoothly so users can quickly and easily exit the pods, should they need to. 

The pods are not completely soundproof.  However, the canopy doors provide partial noise reduction and paired with noise-cancelling headphones, users can enjoy a quiet nap amidst a busy environment.

Yes, the pods can be customized with different exterior and/or mattress colours.  Additional fees and lead times may apply. Please use our Contact Form to discuss options.

The pods are easily cleaned with common cleaning products – please refer to our Cleaning Guide for step by step instructions for pod maintenance and cleaning.

Standard lead time is 6-8 weeks.  Custom orders may take 8-12 weeks. Shipping times vary, depending on delivery destination. Many of our distributors have local inventory.  Please check with your distributor for availability and lead time.   

Yes, the unit does require assembly.  In some markets, we offer assembly by our technicians. In other markets, self-assembly is required.  It takes approximately two hours to assemble a pod.

Podtime products come with a standard warranty to cover against product defects.  Please check with your distributor for specific warranty information. Extended coverage may be added to your order or at any time before the current warranty expires.  For a quotation, please use our Contact Form or email us at enquiries@podtime.co.uk