Podtime Ultra

The Podtime Ultra is a spacious office sleeping pod allowing the user to nap undisturbed. With its attractive design and premium details, the Podtime Ultra is a well-suited for offices, spas, lounges, and any other environment where form and function are needed.

Spacious and adjustable

The natural translucence of the shell material of Podtime Ultra allows ample light into the pod bed’s interior. With its adjustable bed profile to lay flat or at an incline, the pod can be optimized for day or night-shift rest. An easy-to-use lock mechanism ensures privacy and additional peace of mind.

By providing a dedicated space to recharge, the Podtime Ultra allows users to boost their professional and personal productivity while helping them to maintain good health, as well as better mood and higher daytime vigilance.

Our office sleeping pod is available worldwide. To learn more about pricing and deliverability in your country, please contact us.

Ultra Pod Features

• Strong modular construction
• Flat or ‘S-Curve’ bed profile (frame for both included)
• Premium bespoke upholstered mattress
• Door apertures on both sides
• Solid smooth action sliding canopy door
• Ample ventilation inlets (naturally ventilated)

Technical Specifications:

Assembled Dimensions:

120cm (W) x 132cm (H) x 233cm (L)
47 1/4″ (W) x 52″ (H) x 91 3/4″ (L)


• Spacious personal environment to relax undisturbed in full privacy
• Very easy entry and exit
• Large internal space
• Easy manual door operation
• Security and comfort
• Partial external noise reduction


Our sleep pods come with custom floor planning and the possibility to monitor usage for on-going optimization. The pod can be assembled and serviced by our dedicated technicians. We also offer the opportunity to monitor activity levels for optimal usage.

sleep capsule open w black mattress

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