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Here you can view our range of high quality sleep pods. We constantly update our products and technology to ensure smooth operation and maximum comfort. All of our pods are build from the finest materials, and each with specific user segments in mind. To learn about the unique characteristics of each of our sleeping pods, please click on a model below.

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About Sleep Pods

Sleep pods – or nap pods as they are occasionally called – are private spheres which allow people to rest in otherwise busy environments, such as offices, hospitals or airports. Contrary to what the name would suggest, sleep pods can also be used for work, for mindfulness meditation, or simply for lying down and gathering your thoughts before an important meeting. 

Companies of all sizes across the world use sleep pods because of the many reported benefits of short daytime rest, which include higher productivity, increased focus and stronger cognitive abilities. Being well-rested also decreases the risk of accidents.

The American National Safety Association have shown that fatigued employees costs business huge sums of money each year because of sick-days, error and lowered productivity. Therefore, there are good reasons to view employees sleep as a corporate matter and make it an active part of the strategy for better health and well-being.

Podtime pods are a practical solutions due to their being less space consuming than nap rooms. Our Original sleep pod can even be stacked like a bunk on top of each other for an even more space economic solution. 

We have many clients in sectors ranging from health care and education, to airports and office. Passengers, students and workers alike can all benefit from our technology. Explore our pod models to learn more about their qualities and characteristics, as well as size and design. If you have any questions regarding the price of our sleep pods or the way they work, we are happy to assist. Simply use our contact formula to get in touch.