Podtime Premium

Times change!
Podtime Premium is no longer available - please see our new Ultra Pod
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Premium Pod Features

• Strong modular construction
• Flat or ‘S-Curve’ bed profile (frame for both included)
• Premium bespoke upholstered mattress
• Door apertures on both sides
• Solid smooth action sliding canopy door
• Ample ventilation inlets (naturally ventilated)

Technical Specifications:

Assembled Dimensions:

120cm (W) x 132cm (H) x 233cm (L)
47 1/4″ (W) x 52″ (H) x 91 3/4″ (L)

Premium Pod Benefits

• Spacious personal environment to relax or nap undisturbed in full privacy
• Very easy entry and exit
• Large internal space
• Easy manual door operation
• Security and comfort
• Partial external noise reduction

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